Teir 4 School days

Dolls of Covid Christmas part 2 ‘Time for school’ Mayari called. ‘Home school or school school?’ Fiona asked. Mayari checked on line. Depends on whether the school met its quota of Grannies dying overnight’ the HuMum called out cynically from the next room. Looks like we are at home today. Better get on zoom andContinue reading “Teir 4 School days”

Lockdown Ends

Dolls of COVID Christmas Part 1 Fiona celebrates Lockdowns end by bundling up against the grey wet London weather, so she can go and do some Christmas shopping. Perhaps the Debenhams sales are worth checking out. ‘What am I doing’ she thinks to herself, having got as far as the gate. It’s already dark, evenContinue reading “Lockdown Ends”

Heavy and cooling at the same time – creating a summer cardigan for sensory issues

Last night I just finished making a cardigan for myself that I am utterly delighted with. I’m wearing it right now, and quite in love with my crochet skills as they have enabled me to solve a problem that was causing me a lot of stress and upset. In this cardigan I needed to makeContinue reading “Heavy and cooling at the same time – creating a summer cardigan for sensory issues”

Tired hands and crochet hooks

A very regularly asked question on crochet discussion groups is ‘what are the best crochet hooks’, often followed by a statement such as ‘I have arthritis/fibromyalgia/etc and get a lot of pain in my hands, I need a comfortable hook. By accident more than design I have tried out every type of hook I haveContinue reading “Tired hands and crochet hooks”

The Winter Warmer Complete Set

Winter is Coming! And you would be Stark mad not to be ready with the Winter Set. This is an extra large set, with large wheelchair blanket, large hat and mittens and neck warmer. Heavy Blanket Weighing more than a ‘weighted blanket’ this monster isn’t heavy because it’s been filled with polystyrene balls, but simplyContinue reading “The Winter Warmer Complete Set”

Wheelchair Cushion Covers

We custom make cushion covers in the style and colour of your choice. A good cushion cover for a wheelchair sits absolutely flat and smooth and fits tightly over the cushion to avoid any risk of the fabric bunching up or rucking while being sat on. They are created from absorbent material, which keeps theContinue reading “Wheelchair Cushion Covers”

Wheelchair Blankets

Our wheelchair blankets are custom made to use as a lap blanket in a wheelchair. Made from sustainable materials, each one is tailor made to be used with a wheelchair has unique features which ensure it is significantly superior to a generic lap blanket, or other wheelchair specific rugs available on the market. On thisContinue reading “Wheelchair Blankets”