Teir 4 School days

Dolls of Covid Christmas part 2

‘Time for school’ Mayari called.

‘Home school or school school?’ Fiona asked. Mayari checked on line. Depends on whether the school met its quota of Grannies dying overnight’ the HuMum called out cynically from the next room.

Looks like we are at home today. Better get on zoom and say happy Christmas to everyone. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, finally the holidays. All three dolls cheered.

Hang on a minute, where’s the little one, Dana should be online for school too’ Karen pointed out. They all looked around. No sign of Danu anywhere. Odin barked from the other side of the room. She’s over here, he woofed. Messing with my toys. Stop her, someone! Mayari went to investigate.

‘Danu, why are you in a Hogwarts costume instead of your proper uniform?’ Mayari wanted to know.

And why have you pulled your bed under the sideboard? That’s where the dog toys are kept!

‘I’m not going back to school until I get my letter from Hogwarts! I am staying here under the stairs until the owl arrives. And that’s all there is to it!’ I will not do any more zoom school’.

Karen came over to help out. ‘We live in a bungalow, this is a sideboard, we don’t have under the stairs’ she pointed out.

I don’t care! Danu answered. I’m sure my owl will find me, I’m not going back to school until then.

I’ve called the HuMum, I barked and barked, and she is coming now. You can’t throw my toys around, the belong under the sideboard he told the dolls.

What’s going on here? The HuMum wanted to know

Not my fault! Odin answered. I just found the dolls like this, and all my toys moved!

School uniform crochet pattern for cardigan, jumper and ribbed school socks and tights will be released in 2021. We are more or less there with the socks and tights, but I want to rework some aspects of the jumper to get it neater. Coming soon!

And while crochet patters are my main thing, I will be releasing a sewing pattern for a dolls school tie, as I couldn’t find a single one in existence, but once I watched a few videos on making them in human size, I figured out how to scale down. I think it came out great.

School summer dress and blazer are adaptions of a Simplicity paper pattern

School bag was the most delightful thing to make, and from a Sami Dolls design

This school pinafore is from an Oh Sew Kat design

This school pinafore I created without a pattern after studying the marks and Spencer’s and John Lewis web sites, to identify the most typical school uniform currently in use. I wasn’t happy with my own sewing skills in it, the back zip is a bit of a mess, but will try again in the future. But that brings me to my rant. I need to have a foot stomp at this point.

Did you know that every single school uniform skirt or pinafore currently for sale in both M&S and John Lewis is made of polyester? Every Single One!

It also sends my sensory issues into overdrive, as it feels wrong on my skin. I feel so sorry for any kid with sensitivities having to spend a day wearing modern school uniforms, I must admit.

Polyester is a nasty, cheap fabric that irritates the skin, made from petrol. The environmental damage of creating it is nothing to the environmental damage it does during its life, as every time it is washed it produces tiny microscopic micro beads which pollute out waterways and oceans, and destroy marine life. It also gives no warmth. There are so many other fabrics with all kinds of advantages over polyester.

And yet, to send a child to school it becomes effectively compulsory unless the school uniform is purchased from a specialist shop.

All fabric used in these dolls outfits was cotton, while the yarn was real wool

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