The Winter Warmer Complete Set

Winter is Coming! And you would be Stark mad not to be ready with the Winter Set. This is an extra large set, with large wheelchair blanket, large hat and mittens and neck warmer.

Heavy Blanket

Weighing more than a ‘weighted blanket’ this monster isn’t heavy because it’s been filled with polystyrene balls, but simply because it contains so much wool!

It is hand crocheted in a double layer of thick yarn, 60% wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% silk. It has a pocket to fit a phone, waste band to hold in place, and footplate straps to secure to the wheelchair.

Slouchy Beanie Hat

Double thickness extra large hat, can also be worn for the slouchy look by a smaller person

Neck Warmer

Designed to button around the neck, this short scarf will never trail down and get caught in the wheels of a chair, but keep you just as warm. Two ways to button, for a looser relaxed wear, or tight around the neck for storm protection

Extra warm mittens for the phone addict

No warmer thicker mittens anywhere, perfect for when you need your hand out to drive an electric chair, these mittens also have finger access and unique thumb access for phone users. No more fumbling to take gloves off and dropping them to buy a coffee or answer the phone.

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