Wheelchair Cushion Covers

We custom make cushion covers in the style and colour of your choice. A good cushion cover for a wheelchair sits absolutely flat and smooth and fits tightly over the cushion to avoid any risk of the fabric bunching up or rucking while being sat on.

They are created from absorbent material, which keeps the user feeling dry and comfortable. This is especially important in summer, when slipping around on a waterproof nylon wheelchair cushion can feel like a sticky, sweaty torture. The same covers in winter add a slight layer of extra warmth and comfort to an otherwise cold plastic-y experience.

A good cushion cover needs to be washable, and for this reason we generally use 100% cotton. These can be washed on a normal cycle and dry quickly. We recommend tying them into a pillow case to protect the cover in the machine, using a gentle non-biological washing power, and no fabric conditioner. They should not be tumble dried.

‘Fungie the Friendly Dolphin’, based on a graphgan design by DeepRootedOriginals (search for their wonderful designs and patterns on Etsy) This cushion cover is 20 inches by 20 inches, which is the largest standard size. Similar covers can be made in a wide variety of sizes and colours. 100% cotton
The classic ‘Farmhouse Square’ in pastel stripes for a 16 inches by 18 inches cushion
‘What shape is a quarter of a square?’ Surely that’s also a square? This geometric design has been converted to a rectangle anyway, and fits my own cushion at 15 inches by 18 inches.
A cheerful little owl brightens up the front edge of this cover

Fitting your wheelchair cushion

Wheelchair cushions come in 3 ‘standard’ sizes – 16*18, 16*16 and 20*20. However, these are just the standard sizes ‘off-the-peg’, and most wheelchair users will have a specially sized cushion. If your wheelchair comes from the NHS, Motability or other supplier, the wheelchair user will likely have been fitted carefully for exactly the right size chair, with matching cushion. Pushing yourself along in a chair that doesn’t fit perfectly is, after all, quite exhausting! it’s important that your cover fits your cushion exactly, as bunched up fabric could lead to pressure sores, or at least a lot of discomfort.

To order a cushion cover, we recommend finding the size information which should be on the back of the cushion, and sending a photo from your phone of what that label says. If you have no label, you can measure with a tape measure, but be very careful to hold the tape taught and take an accurate measurement. Remember, the old saying, ‘measure twice, cut once’. If you live locally to south-east London, you can also ask to meet up to have your cushion sized up personally.

My wheelchair cushion is 15 inches by 18 inches, and this photo shows where this information can be found on the back of the cushion

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